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Posted on 12/05/2016 by IED

IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith looks at the changes that are now essential in order to keep the IED moving in the right direction, to the overall benefit of its membership.

As I indicated in my last column, the Council of the IED are looking at the kind of changes we need to make to keep the institution relevant to members and moving forward. After the Council Awayday in February, a number of areas are being investigated, with two striking me as particularly important to our membership.

The first is the proposed launch of a new grade of registration, RProdDes, and the second is a proposed revision to the requirements of membership of the IED – ie, of MIED. In many ways, these two initiatives are linked. RProdDes or, to give it its full title, Registered Product Designer, is a new grade of registration that is planned to be launched this year and can be seen as equivalent to Incorporated Engineer (IEng); for Product Designers, this complements our Chartered Technological Product Designer (CTPD) registration grade launched in 2015.

The introduction of RProdDes also means that all practising product designers, engineering designers and CAD specialists have a range of registration grades they can apply for within the IED and so this frees MIED from being a registration grade to being purely about membership of the Institution. We are therefore proposing to redefine our member offering by decoupling MIED –namely, membership of the IED – from registration: that is, from the need to demonstrate particular levels and sets of competencies, and thus maintaining a standard. This will enable gaining MIED to be seen as a first step towards working for an appropriate registration grade. For those existing members with only MIED, we would offer the opportunity to seek a suitable registration grade at preferential rates.

So we are looking to open our membership to a wider range of design professionals and truly develop our vision of ‘Bringing Designers Together’. To enable us to do this, we will require our regulations to be re-written. Clearly, this is a significant change and the floor will be opened up to all members attending for a discussion at the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held after the Annual General Meeting on 9 July 2016.

So, picking up on the idea from my last column of professional institutions only ‘tinkering’ with their offering, I believe we are moving the IED forward strategically and redefining our member market – I hope this will be seen as rather more than ‘tinkering’.

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