A very Quick year!!

Posted on 01/07/2016 by IED

Tania Humphries-Smith reflects on the highlights of her first year as IED Chair – and the many exciting challenges that now lie ahead for the institution

As you are reading this in mid-July, the AGM/EGM hosted by 3M in Bracknell will be uppermost in my mind – I will have completed one year as Chair of Council. It rather feels as if time has speeded up!Anyhow, I thought I would reflect on what has happened over this past year, halfway through my time in office, in my 6th ‘View’.

One year ago, I was at St James’s Palace with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, celebrating the launch of Chartered Technological Product Designers (CTPD). Since then, we have:

  • Launched a new website that enables online applications, twitter feeds etc
  • Launched our journal online
  • And changed the way we manage subscriptions, as set out in my fourth ‘View’.
  • So far, we have registered 28 members as CTPD, with a further two expected soon – so that’s thirty in our first year! Equally exciting, this month we are launching a new grade of membership, Registered Product Designer (RProdDes), the development of which I announced in my 5th ‘View’.

    We are also about to launch the new-look MIED, mentioned in my 2nd ‘View’, which will allow us to embrace a broader membership: something that was in great evidence at the PD+I conference, where I presented CTPD to the Product/Industrial Design profession in London in late May. Many presentations highlighted the growing ambiguity of the relationship between traditional product design – ie, a physical artefact and interface/app design – as well as the increasing role of design thinking being applied to many situations outside product design.

    Questions from the audience centred on the extent to which CTPD and the IED were able to offer professional registration/recognition for people engaged in these areas. The IED will be well positioned to offer this going forward.

    So what does my second year in office hold, I wonder? Well, our first priority, having seriously refreshed our membership offer, is to investigate the redevelopment of the IED headquarters to both realise some of its financial potential and provide the institution with a more fitting HQ for a 21st century design-based organisation. This, of course, will require up front investment. A Chartered charitable body should always turn to its members first, so we will be launching an appeal to raise a one-off sum from our members to enable us to undertake design work and draw up plans etc –please look out for further information.

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    If you would like to contribute to any discussions, write to: Dr Tania Humphries-Smith CTPD CEng MIED FHEA FRSA, Chair, at:

    The Institution of Engineering Designers, Courtleigh, Westbury Leigh, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3TA.

    Or email: chair@ied.org.uk


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