New move to STEM skills gap

Posted on 10/11/2016 by IED

​New move to STEM skills gapResearch shows that one of the biggest challenges within STEM education and encouraging tech literacy amongst young people is a lack of easily relatable materials linking the relevant subjects and technology skills to real careers.

Now comes the launch of a new initiative to tackle this problem – BT STEM Crew, a unique and free online STEM learning programme designed to engage both girls and boys aged 11-16 in biology, physics, maths and design & technology.

The force behind this is Land Rover BAR's official charity, the 1851 Trust, in direct response to research amongst educators across the UK, with the programme drawing inspiration from Land Rover BAR's extensive technical experience to provide a solution. In fact, the 1851 Trust developed BT STEM Crew alongside the British America's Cup team's quest to bring home the trophy. First contested in a race around the Isle of Wight in 1851, the cup is sport's oldest International trophy and one that Britain has never won.

Featuring real data and information from the team's base, all BT STEM Crew resources have been produced and reviewed in collaboration with STEM teachers. The programme is designed with UK classrooms in mind, and is accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop.

Students will use speed, distance and time to analyse team performance; learn about the crucial role played by data analysis in elite sport; understand the importance of diet and nutrition for crew performance and study how materials form an integral part of design.

BT STEM Crew will also give students the chance to learn about the wide range of professions involved with Land Rover BAR, focusing on how they've found fascinating careers after taking qualifications in physics, engineering, maths, boat building, meteorology, computing and much more. Responding to the new STEM learning programme, IED chief executive Libby Meyrick has welcomed the initiative: “This looks like a fantastic contribution to the ongoing battle to plug the skills gap in engineering,” she said. “The BT Stem Crew initiative is not only tailored to teachers and the curriculum, but is engaging and exciting to the pupils both within and outside of school hours.”


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