Deionised system shrinks water footprint

Posted on 10/11/2016 by IED

Veolia Water Technologies has supplied a deionised water system to Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood factory.

The new bespoke engineered system, which can deliver up to 90m3/h of deionised water, replaces the 40-year-old ion exchange plant at Halewood which was reaching the end of its life.

To ensure a perfect bodywork finish on all Land Rover models, high purity deionised water (conductivity <0.5µS/cm) is used at all stages of painting from phosphating through to final electro-coating. Average water consumption is almost 30m3/h; then, when baths are being dumped and re-filled, this can increase by a factor of three for short periods.

Veolia’s Strata+ uses the latest short-cycle counterflow regeneration technology, with layered beds. This design improves chemical usage efficiencies and reduces waste water, achieving long-term cost savings and helping to reduce Jaguar Land Rover’s water footprint.


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