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Reaching out to Outreach

How can young people seeking to enter engineering get sound careers advice? IED Chair Tania Humphries-Smith believes there is much that can be done by way of expert help and guidance

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The air that we breathe

Without oxygen, we are nothing – literally. Colin Ledsome CEng FIED contemplates a world where this very source of life is in worrying decline

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Defenders of the realm

With extreme weather fluctuations and climate change concerns, the imperative to ensure adequate protection against future tidal flooding has never been greater

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A nation embracing the future

India has been described in the past as a very old country, but a very new nation. Design in India is similar – a very old activity, yet a very new profession, as practising product designer Professor A Balasubramaniam explains

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Making it happen on the day

Globally, there are nations or cities preparing to host a major games event as you read this. How do those tasked with delivering the temporary design and build overlay projects get it right and on time

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Bloodhound finally goes on trial

The supersonic BLOODHOUND SSC, out to smash the world land speed record, recently took to the runway in its first public appearance, suffering a minor setback

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Beyond human limits

The exponential rise of innovation can no longer be met with designs developed by human beings. Here, machine learning is offering solutions, so that you don’t have to. Justin Cunningham reports.

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Genetic links

A new conference centre at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge has taken its unique design from genetic research, reflecting its location at the heart of a place that is committed to life-changing science

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Adding up the value

We have all come to marvel at what can achieved with 3D printing. Now additive manufacturing is taking us above and beyond that, it is argued, into another dimension

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Fighting for change

Paralympian Phil Eaglesham has helped pioneer a trailblazing height-adjustable wheelchair that transforms the user experience – with cutting-edge space technology built in

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