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Time to engineer fusion energy

There are grey areas between science and engineering. Such a case is fusion energy and one British company has a clear development path for turning decades of science into a reality. Tim Fryer reports.

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Travel cots go space age

Female engineer Fujia Chen is using space technology to make parenting that bit easier, with her remarkable SpaceCot travel cot.

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How to stay on good terms

Tariva Thomas, solicitor at Wright Hassall, emphasises the importance of properly drafted terms and conditions to help manufacturers avoid disputes.

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Less Stress from Wind Revolution

As far as design of wind turbines is concerned, the market has settled on a limited range of blade profiles. But a fundamental change in the structure of these blades could shake the sector up. Tim Fryer reports.

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Sabre looks sharp in 'RACE FOR SPACE'

Substantial funding is now driving forward the development of a ground-based demonstrator of Reaction Engines Ltd’s much heralded SABRE aerospace engine. It’s a big moment for UK hopes and expectations

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Crisis in Engineering

The UK lags far behind the rest of Europe when it comes to female engineers, while the number of men entering the profession is in decline. How can this be reversed?

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Sarah Guppy: bridging the present to the past

Sheila Hannon, Creative Producer, Show Of Strength Theatre Company, revisits the life of Sarah Guppy (1770-1852) – designer, inventor, engineer and much more

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Speed of Light

Regular Asides author Colin Ledsome CEng FIED comes up with a ‘recipe’ you won’t find in any cookbook!

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Driving force

The UK has a powerful international reputation for automotive design – a strength that in the early stages of the product development cycle is critical to sales success and attracting further R&D work

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Are robots going soft?

Using robotics systems has helped many patients relearn muscular movements or rebuild strength. However, by using ‘soft’ materials, outcomes could be much improved. Tim Fryer looks into the ongoing research

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